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7 Month Update:

My update on Baby G is two days late because I procrastinated about making an appointment with the clinic sister to have him weighed and measured and then I couldn’t get an appointment on the day he turned 7 months, so that was only done yesterday.

Measurements on 27/07/2012:

Weight: 8.1 kg (a bit under the 50th percentile)

Height:  70 cm (just under the 75th percentile)

Head Circumference: 44.5 cm (50th percentile)

Sleeping:  Sleeping seems a bit better again, especially the last week and a half I would say.  Baby G still wakes around 21h00-22h00, which I stay awake for, then he wakes me again anytime from about midnight to 1h00 or 1h30, and then again anytime from 4h00 to about 5h15 when DH gets up for work.  Most days he will go back to sleep again and only wake again anytime from 6h45 to 7h15.

He’s had episodes of crying in his sleep during the night and it happened usually from after the midnight feeding, crying very regularly up to about the time DH gets up for work.  Usually it lasts a couple of days and then it stops again.  At first I was not sure what it could be and I suspected that it either was teething or cramps.  The tee.jel on his gums did not make a difference to his crying, and later I noticed that he would fart a bit, and these spells would usually be at times when baby G did not have a poo nappy the previous day.  When he would have a poo nappy it would also be a thicker consistency than normal for him, but not even remotely close to constipated yet.  So I’ve tried to keep his bowels regular, and it seems like he now has 1 poo nappy a day usually about 15-30 minutes after he wakes up in the morning.  I hope that this is the solution to the crying spells, because we haven’t had any more since getting him regular.

The clinic sister told me yesterday that baby G does not need to feed at night anymore, even though he seems very hungry to me as he drinks quite a lot at a time during the night.  Apparently it is very common for breastfed babies to still drink during the night at this age, but it is supposed to be more for comfort than feeding.  I’ll have to research this a bit before deciding what to do about it, since baby G hasn’t gained much weight since 5 months, and at first I was worried about it, but both the paediatrician and the clinic sister aren’t worried at all.  The sister explained to me yesterday that babies often reach a plateau in weight at this age, and baby G did actually gain weight although only about 0.5 kg in the past 2 months.

Eating:   I’m making all of baby G’s food myself, and I must say it’s not nearly as much effort as I thought it would be.  Every night I pick one vegetable to make for baby G, which I then cook enough off for us and baby G, and I puree it and freeze it in little plastic containers.  I usually make about 3-4 containers for the freezer, and baby G gets 1 freshly cooked meal.  Now and then I will cook fruit like pears or apples during the day and freeze that.

Baby G is eating solids 3 times a day for just about every day now.  He especially loves to try and grab my food from my plate when I eat, and the last few days he seems less interested in the normal pureed baby food.  He’s had a little bit of meat in the last few days, a bit of chicken and we once tried a bit of spaghetti bolognaise and we’ve also given him a piece of biltong (something almost like beef jerky) to chew on.  We’ve given him some pieces of fruit to eat, his favourites are naartjie (tangerine) and strawberry and he also loves red pepper.

I’ve stopped giving him rice cereal, because I suspect that the rice cereal was contributing to his cramps, so he eats mostly oats with some pears mixed in for breakfast and he gets vegetables for lunch and dinner most days.  He also gets some finger foods, most often at lunch and dinner time.

I still breastfeed him, and I’m quite amazed that I am still breastfeeding.  I always thought 6 months would be sufficient, and I kind of thought that my milk would slowly start to diminish.  It probably is, but not so much that I have a problem to supply baby G with the amount he needs during the day. I don’t express at all anymore except on the odd occasion when my breasts are very engorged and sore, but that doesn’t happen much.

Clothes and nappies:  Baby G is mostly wearing 6-9 months and 6-12 months clothing, which is still a bit big, but he fits in just about all his 3-6 months clothes as well, so he is still wearing that too.  I’ve only put 1 pair of jeans away that was size 3-6 months and all his 0-3 months’ clothes are finally packed away.  People tell me that baby G is a big baby, but I don’t really believe it, because he still wears 3-6 months clothes.  I think they probably say it because he is such an alert and active baby, and I think that makes him look a bit older than he is.

Baby G still wears size 3 nappies when he wears disposables, but we are phasing those out now, and hopefully he won’t wear them at all soon.  The eco nappies are working like a charm and I’m very happy with them.

Milestones:  I’m so proud of my little boy – he’s started to crawl!  He is still a bit unsteady but he is crawling.

(Please excuse the quality of the pictures – these were spur of the moment action pics taken with my Tab)

About 2 weeks ago he would take a step or two before collapsing.  Then a few days later he realized that he can take a few steps and then just try again if he collapses.  About a week ago he managed to take 4 or 5 steps, collapse, get up and do it again, over and over!

He is still not crawling much further than he did a week ago, but he is not collapsing so much anymore, and he even manages to stop at times.  He is trying different techniques of getting around – he sometimes crawls on his hands and feet with his bum in the air, sometimes he shuffles around on his bum, sometimes he rolls to where he wants to get or slides on his tummy.  The favourites are the tummy sliding on the wooden floors and conventional crawling on carpeted floors and outside on the grass.

He has 2 new words, “nee” (no) and “tietie” (boobie).  He uses them in context too.  One night I changed his nappy at the 22h00 feeding and he was crying:  “Nee! Nee! Nee!”  He did not want me to change that nappy.  DH was the one to first hear the word “tietie”, I was cooking dinner and he called me to ask me to breastfeed baby G, because he was cranky and DH thought he was tired.  After I breastfed him I gave him back to DH to finish dinner.  DH then called me again.  When I gave baby G back to DH he started to jump on DH’s lap and DH asked him; “What did your mommy give you?  Red.Bull or tietie?” Baby G looked at him, smiled and said “tietie”.  Then he proceeded to say “tietie” over and over again, while jumping on DH’s lap.  Now he uses it a lot, usually when he wants to breastfeed.  He’s also started to mouth my clothes at my boobs when he is hungry, and sometimes he pulls at my clothes and says “tietie”.

Just after Baby G was born DH’s granny told me that DH’s one cousin could say “mamma” at 6 months old, and I thought, “yeah, right!”  Well, it turns out her daughter also started talking around six months old and I never thought baby G would also talk early.  Now I believe them…  There are also stories of quite a couple of babies walking early in DH’s family, so we will see when baby G will start with that.  Although I’m not encouraging him to walk at all – I hope he crawls for a long time.

I got baby G a Sippy cup, since he still does not really drink much from a bottle.  He gets tea and water in his Sippy cup and that works a lot better than giving it to him in a bottle.  It looks like teats close to the shape of a real nipple did not work in his case, but shapes not even resembling a nipple is fine.

Firsts:  DH and I went on a date for the first time without baby G and MIL and FIL looked after him for the evening.  It went quite well, baby G was not upset at all when we left and we fetched him just after 22h00, in time for his late evening feed.  MIL says he only cried when she changed him into his pyjamas, which is normal for him nowadays, because he hates to lie still for the time it takes to change him.

He refused the bottle with formula, but when MIL put the milk in a Sippy cup he drank a bit of it.  Thankfully I sent some pumpkin with and he ate all of that, so I don’t think he was too hungry.  He was really glad to see his mommy when we got back, and he immediately stretched out his arms and almost toppled out of MIL’s arms to get to me.


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1 Year:

Today is a year since my mom passed away at the age of 63.

I never thought that my mom would die so young.  There was always for as long as I could remember a lot off bragging about how old everyone in especially my granddad’s family got.

My mom’s dad passed away 7 years ago and actually his funeral was also on this day 7 years ago.  He was 94 when he passed away, and he always wanted to reach 100.  His dad made it to 99.

My mom’s mom was always very sickly – she was the reason they moved to South Africa from the Netherlands.  Her lungs were never very healthy and the doctors said that she must live in a warm dry place.  She also got breast cancer around the time I was born, but she got a mastectomy and survived that.  Then when I was 18 she got lymphatic cancer and she passed away at the age of 76 or 77 when I was 19.

My mom was not sickly at all throughout her life, so obviously I thought that she would live longer than her own mother did.  It looks like all my uncles and aunts (my mom’s siblings) will live to a good age too.  Only my one uncle is not too healthy, but that was because he got Guillain Barre Syndrome in the 1980’s and that has weakened him a lot, but considering what he went through and what a horrible disease it is, he is doing well.  He is one of my mom’s older brothers and in his 70’s already.

I miss my mom so much, and it still bothers me that baby G will never know her.  When I look at my MIL and how much she loves him and dotes on him it just makes me wonder how it could have been if my mom was still with us.  We were fortunate to grow up knowing all 4 our grandparents, and the first one to pass was my mom’s mom and like I said I was 19 at that stage, so that ads to my sadness, because I know how much my grandparents meant to me growing up…

Sometimes it still feels so unreal to me, as if I can’t believe she is gone.  And then there are days that I come across stuff of hers – and it hits me once again, the realization that I will not see her again.  Like earlier this week I saw some documents with her handwriting on and I was once again in tears.  I also have times when I might quickly see someone at the shops for instance, that might have a similar hairstyle and colour, or there might be something else that reminds me of her, and then I think it might be her, and then I realize it can’t be…

It’s not only difficult for me, but I spoke to my sister and my dad last night and they are not taking it well either.  I guess we will just have to give it time and go through the whole grieving process…

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Little Explorer:

Yesterday Baby G surprised me with this:

He was on the floor in our study playing with his toys as he usually does and less than 5 minutes after I put him down I realized that he had moved about 3-4 metres away.  All the way to the door!  So I opened the door, out of curiosity to see how far he will move, and after playing around for about 10 minutes he moved off down the hallway to his room!  At least another 4 metres!  He figured out that he can slide backwards on his tummy on the wooden floors.

I noticed that he can get back onto his knees into a crawling position from lying on his tummy and if he has something behind his feet to kick against he even attempts to take his first crawling step.  The wood floors are a bit slippery though, so he hasn’t been successful yet…

Boy, are we in trouble now!  We better get our asses into gear and finish baby proofing the whole house.

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Usually I don’t like posting other people’s posts like this, because it makes me feel lazy and I feel it’s unfair towards to original author, but this Dai.ly Gra.ce In.spiration from Jo.seph Prin.ce on 2 July was just so good I had to share:

Romans 8:33
Who shall bring a charge against God’s elect? It is God who justifies.

The book of Job tells us that Satan came to God’s throne and complained about Job. (Job 1:6–12) God’s throne is the most holy place. So why did God allow Satan to come before Him? 
Satan could come before God because Adam had given up his place when he bowed his knee to Satan in the garden of Eden. (Genesis 3) So Satan had the right to take Adam’s place and come before God. 
But praise God, Jesus, the last Adam, has come! And the sprinkling of His blood has cleansed the things of heaven. (Hebrews 9:22–24) His blood has cleansed and redeemed the unclean place where Satan walked and stood before God. There remains, therefore, no place in heaven for Satan. He cannot come before God any more to accuse you. 
Who then, is in God’s presence today? Jesus! He is there for us. (Hebrews 9:24) And since He is for us, “Who is he who condemns? It is Christ who died, and furthermore is also risen, who is even at the right hand of God, who also makes intercession for us.” (Romans 8:34) 
So what happened to Job cannot happen to you. Job longed for a mediator, but he had none. (Job 9:33) His dream is our reality. Today, we have Jesus as our Mediator making intercession for us! (1 Timothy 2:5) 
However, since the devil cannot come before God any more, he comes to you on earth and accuses you in your conscience. His greatest tool is deception because he has no real power. (Colossians 2:15) He has to deceive you into thinking that God is against you, that He is angry with you because you have failed Him, or that your sickness or poverty is God’s punishment for your sins. 
My friend, don’t fall for the devil’s lies. If it is God who justifies you, no one can bring a charge against you! Satan cannot come before God to accuse you. Instead, you have free access to God’s throne of grace to “obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need”. (Hebrews 4:16) Jesus’ holy blood has given you perfect standing in the presence of God!”

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