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Baby G’s birthday party:

I had trouble deciding whether we should celebrate Baby G’s birthday party early in December or on his actual birthday.  If we celebrated it earlier then most people we invited could attend, but it would not be on his actual birthday, but probably about 3 weeks earlier.  I really wanted to have his birthday party on his birthday and so in the end I decided not to have an earlier party.  Not a lot of people could come to baby G’s party on his birthday, so it was a small gathering.

The disadvantages of having his party on his birthday did not become clear until days before.  I just did not think about all the other things that would be expected of me for the Christmas parties.  We had a party on the 24th at DH’s cousin’s house and then we had a celebration on Christmas at DH’s parents house, and for both functions we had to bring food, and I was so stressed out trying to get everything right for the Christmas parties and then still do everything for baby G’s party.

Because of the festive season I really had to plan everything ahead of time, because the shop where I rented the cake tin closed on the 22nd and I had to get everything I needed from them on that day.  I forgot that they would probably have been busy with the Christmas season and when I got there a lot of their stock was sold out, like the red food colouring, and the red velvet cake mixture…

I really wanted to bake and decorate baby G’s cake myself, so on Christmas day, after the Christmas celebrations when everyone else was relaxing, I was baking until after 23h00 that night.  The next morning I had to decorate it, and I must say I envisioned the end result to be a lot better than what it turned out.  I don’t know why I thought it would end up nicer, because this is really the first fancy cake I’ve tried to make.  I have absolutely no experience in icing decorative cakes.  I guess it turned out fine, but I think next year I might just order a cake…

2012-12-26 11.30.38

The theme of the party was Bugs, because my cousin gave me a silicone mould with some butterflies, lady birds, and a dragonfly, and then I rented a mould for a lady bird at a baking store we have in town and the rest just fell into place.  I bought some plastic buckets, stuck some pictures of bugs on it and filled it with some treats for the kids and the party packs were done.  Baby G also got to wear his bugs t-shirt.

Unfortunately DH and I were so busy being hosts and preparing the food, that we did not take a lot of pictures of the party :(! I really hope the family took some nice pictures that I can get from them, because the one’s I’m posting here are about it…


Tasting some of his birthday cake

opnngprsntsOpening presents


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1st year in pictures:

27 Dec 2011









2012-09-26 13.13.49

05 Oct 12

2012-11-15 14.07.48


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1 Year!


Gosh, our baby is 1 year old!  On the one hand it doesn’t feel like we’ve had him in our lives for a year, but on the other it does feel like a long time ago that I was in hospital with him.  Some things feels so long ago and I feel like I’ve already forgotten how to do certain things, for instance like how to burp a small newborn baby…  They grow up so fast and things change so quickly, that I feel like I can barely remember certain stages.

Measurements on 27/12/2012:

Weight: 9.36 kg

Height:  75.5 cm

Head Circumference:  48 cm

Milestones:  The biggest milestone baby G has reached was that he started to really walk this past month.  One moment he was still just taking a few steps here and there and suddenly at an early Christmas party he saw other children running and walking and it was if he made a decision to start walking.  From there he progressed very quickly and one morning DH and I saw him walking not only a few steps but a few metres.  He could walk, then stop, change direction and start to walk again.  We were absolutely amazed and realized that we really don’t have a baby anymore but a toddler!

Baby G is still talking up a storm – a lot of it is in baby language, and we love to listen to the interesting sounds he makes, but he has a large vocabulary of actual words too.  A few months ago he had quite a vocabulary, but other people could not really understand him, they did not hear the words we heard, but now other people are constantly commenting on words they hear him say.  One of the latest words is saying his own name!

Baby G is also imitating a lot of stuff we do.  He holds up many things including his hand to his ear and he pretends that he is talking on a phone.  But try holding a real phone to his ear with someone talking to him and he just gets this silly grin on his face and refuses to say anything.  He wants to feed us all the time, the other day he even stuck his sippy cup into KT’s mouth.  We’ve noticed that if someone coughs around baby G he will also cough a fake little cough – it’s so funny!

DH loves to put the TV on a music channel and we’ve noticed that baby G often dances along to the music or tries to sing along, and he actually gets some of the tune right – so much so that we can recognise it as the same as the song he is hearing.

Teeth:  The first four teeth cut through at a rate of 1 tooth every four weeks, so I didn’t expect baby G to cut 2 teeth shortly after the fourth.  So he has 6 teeth now, and lots of symptoms lately, so even though I haven’t seen the bottom teeth showing through his gums yet, I think they might also come through soon.

Sleeping:  Although baby G’s night time sleeping is in general a lot better than it used to be, he is still not really sleeping through.  He wakes from 1-3 times during the night, but I must say the times he wakes a lot is at the same time as when he has other teething symptoms so I think it’s due to teething when he does not sleep well.  I hope to find a solution to get him to really sleep through soon, because I know he does not need to nurse during the night anymore.

The afternoon naps are still a struggle – he fights it every single day…  Some days he takes a long nap from about 11h00 for about 1-2.5 hours, and I really prefer that, but on the days that he wakes up early (around 6h00) he really still needs to nap earlier (from about 9h00-10h00) and then he definitely needs a late afternoon nap too, because those morning naps are generally only about 1 hour long.  It’s been a struggle to keep him in a routine with the festive season, and that has played havoc with baby G’s sleep times.

Eating:  I still nurse baby G for about 5-6 times during a day, and I must say I am very pleased that I was able to make it to a year.  I have no intention to stop nursing him, so we will see how long he will still get breast milk, at this stage I want to continue until there is no more milk, but I know circumstances can change.  Baby G still prefers to nurse above anything else, and for me it’s such a special time to spend with him, and I know it can only last so long, so I’m not in a hurry to stop…

Baby G eats whatever we are eating – he is not fond of baby food at all, and I’ve stopped making it for him.  He really likes food with texture and he loves to feed himself.  I’ve noticed that he also prefers most vegetables raw – he loves to chew a carrot stick, a piece of sweet pepper, or a green bean.  He will also eat some vegetables mixed into his food, but don’t give it to him just like that.  The days of feeding him pumpkin or sweet potato on its own are gone…  Baby G loves chicken, mince, bread, eggs and especially cheese.

Most morning’s breakfast is a problem – he does not like porridge or cereal of any kind anymore and he is also not fond of yogurt.  He will eat scrambled eggs on occasion (don’t give him the same thing 2 days in a row, he likes variety), and he will eat a piece of cheese most of the time, but the rest of the time I end up nursing him to get some nourishment in him.

Lunch time and dinner is never a problem – baby G will eat whatever I eat for lunch or dinner, even if it’s just a piece of bread with jam or peanut butter on.

Favourites:   Playing with water is still a big favourite activity of baby G.  He also loves to play with things that are not really toys.  For instance a big favourite lately is to take a key out of its hole in a cupboard door and trying to put it back.   He is surprisingly good at it, but there are times when he struggles a bit and then he gets really upset!

He also loves it when we blow bubbles for him, he will just sit and stare at the bubbles, but when we stop we are in trouble.  He will bring the bottle to us and start to scream – no asking, just screaming, so we have had occasions where we had to blow so many bubbles for him that we’ve felt light headed from all the blowing.  So now we don’t initiate that game anymore, we only do it when he asks for it.

Another favourite of baby G is animals – he loves all kinds: dogs, cats, fish, birds and he is actually very gentle with them too.  DH’s brother has a finch in the house that they’ve raised from a baby and baby G has tried to touch it with only one little finger.  It’s as if he knows it’s a delicate little animal and that one needs to be gentle with it.  What absolutely amazes me is that baby G is not scared of any animals – he’s seen big dogs and they don’t scare him at all, and he’s even picked up a spider the other day.  That freaked his grandfather out completely and he took it out of his hand immediately.  I was really glad that his grandfather was there to do it, because although I’m not too scared of spiders and certainly don’t like to touch them!

2012-12-21 13.16.02

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