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3 Month Pictures:

I only realized yesterday that I never posted pictures of Baby G in my previous post so here are a few for your pleasure:



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3 Months/13 Weeks:

Gosh, things have been really hectic here with us. First of all we moved again. Urggh! What a nightmare! Not by choice – see we are renting and at the previous house I made the mistake of originally signing a 6 month lease. We weren’t sure what would happen with DH’s job, so we didn’t want to commit for too long should we have to relocate. The relocation did not happen and when we wanted to extend the lease we were told that the owner wants to move back into her own house. In the end it turned out that her son and his wife moved into the house and we had to find other accommodation.

We did find a house, but on the day we moved in we found out it was filthy! I can’t believe people live like that. There was dog poo and pee all through the house and the smell! There is a particular smell I still can’t get out of our bedroom or the main en suite bathroom. The smell is not so overpowering anymore, but still there. I’ve tried scrubbing twice, bicarbonate of soda, airing out and even using room fresheners. DH and I are contemplating painting the rooms next, because I think I’ll prefer the smell of paint over that! Off course if we paint we won’t sleep there with baby G – fortunately we do have a spare bedroom and that is the one furthest away from the main bedroom.

Today Baby G is 3 months old also 13 weeks on the same day. He is growing so big and strong, it’s unbelievable. Both the clinic sister that does his vaccinations and his paediatrician are very impressed with him. He is achieving all milestones when he is supposed to, as well as doing some things early.

At his last vaccination (11w2d) Baby G weighed 5.83kg, measured 63cm long and his head circumference was 40.5cm. Last week Friday (12w4d) at the paediatrician Baby G weighed 5.88kg, measured 62 cm long and his head circumference was 41.2 cm. There is not much difference in weight and that surprised me, but maybe one of the scales is not 100% accurate. I know the paediatrician measures the length very quickly so I assume his measurement is incorrect as I saw with my own eyes how the sister measured Baby G and the 63 cm looked accurate to me.

He is still around the 90th percentile for length and around the 50th percentile for weight. His head circumference is in between those 2 numbers somewhere, but I’m not really sure which percentile.

Both the sister and the paediatrician said that Baby G is a long and big boy, but they were also impressed with how strong he is and he completely surprised the sister when she took his hands and expecting him to pull himself up into a seating position, he pulled himself up into a standing position. She could not believe what she saw, so she tried it again and once again he did the same.

All the other milestones are also right on track for his age. He did well with the tummy time, looking her in the eyes, following objects with his eyes, his neck is quite strong and he even sat upright by himself for a second or so, which I didn’t even know he could do! All her tests proved that his muscles are well developed.
The paediatrician said that baby G has a lot of different facial expressions for a baby of 3 months and he also said baby G is incredibly healthy. From today Baby G is getting additional iron an vitamin D supplements since I’m still exclusively breastfeeding and apparently I won’t be able to give him enough of those two through my breast milk.

We have one problem now and that is that baby G doesn’t want to drink from a bottle anymore. I didn’t express any milk for a couple of weeks and I think that was a big mistake, and I’m not sure how we will correct that mistake.

Other things I want to mention: Baby G is officially not in newborn nappies anymore – at exactly 10 weeks we ran out of newborn nappies and I started him on size 2 nappies. Some of his 0-3 month’s clothes are too small already, due to the fact that he is so long. With some items the legs are too short and others are getting short over the length of his body. The 3-6 months clothes are still a bit big though, but I’m dressing him in it anyway, as the ones that fit get fewer and fewer.

He is still sleeping quite well – most nights he sleeps from 20h00 to anywhere from 2h00 to 4h00 and then he wakes again sometime from 5h00 to 7h00 and nowadays he immediately falls asleep again and will most often sleep again until around 8h00 or even occasionally 9h00. I was tempted to dream feed him around 22h00 or 23h00 to see if we can push him to sleep through, but I realized that his deepest sleep is that first stretch and if he does wake up earlier on the odd occasion (he does not wake up completely – his eyes are usually still closed, he will drink and then immediately go back to sleep again), he will wake again every 3 hours or so. So I decided to rather let that theory go and I’m actually quite happy with his routine as it is. Most mornings I feel well rested when I wake up and usually I also get to sleep until around 8h00, and I know that is something that very few people get to do.

Baby G has also discovered his hands and he sucks and chews them a lot these days. A lot of other things like his clothes, mommy’s clothes, his toys, the mosquito netting, etc also go to his mouth. So I have to watch KT like a hawk these days since she sometimes likes to lick baby G’s hands and I don’t want him to put it into his mouth after she’s licked them.

Baby G surprised me yesterday – he was sitting up against my legs (I was sitting on the couch with my feet on the coffee table) and without any help from me he sat up and came forward towards me, I had to catch him because he could not stop himself, but it looks like he wants to try sit up by himself.

Earlier this month it was my birthday – 41 years young! It was an enjoyable day, but nothing spectacular. Because of the state of the house, I decided not to throw a party. I was also just too exhausted to be honest. We went out for dinner to a restaurant and baby G had no respect for his mommy’s birthday. He fell asleep just after 16h00 and slept through to about 10h00 and after that he woke every 2-3 hours. So I did not sleep so well on my birthday!

On 17 March last year I had my last AF, and it still hasn’t returned, probably because I’m still exclusively breastfeeding. I must say it’s really nice not to have had AF for a year. I’m still struggling to drink the pill regularly and I think because I occasionally forget to take it on time I’ve had breakthrough bleeding 3 times already in the last 5 weeks. Sometimes I wonder if I should just stop the pill, since we use condoms anyway because I keep forgetting to take those pills…

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