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11 Months:

When I look at the pictures I took of Baby G recently, he is starting to look more and more like a little boy and less and less like a baby.  He is also acting more and more like a little boy and less like a baby.  Even my MIL is complaining that Baby G wasn’t a baby long enough…

It was once again a real problem to get Baby G to sit still for his monthly picture.  First he kept throwing his teddy bear off the chair.  Then I gave him some other toys to play with, but he moved too much every time and the pictures were all blurred.  Finally I gave him a piece of apple and he sat nice and still for those pictures…

Measurements on 27/11/2012:

Weight: 9.17 kg

Height:  75 cm

Head Circumference:  47 cm

Milestones:  Baby G is standing stronger than a month ago, he can walk a lot better with his walking toy, even just by holding on with one hand, and he will even walk by touching things like a wall for instance, or if we hold one or both of his hands, but he doesn’t walk on his own yet.  He has taken 1, 2 and 3 steps a couple of times without holding on to something.  He can also stand on his own and sit down without holding on to something, and he can sit and stand up without holding on to something.  He’s even tried standing and jumping on the spot without holding on so his balance is quite good now.

He loves to climb onto things, like climbing on to the coffee table and crawling on top of it, or climbing onto the couch, and he even uses other items around the house as steps to get onto things that are a bit higher.  Sometimes the “steps” are not really ideal to stand on like the container I keep his wipes in for instance, or the trolley he walks with, because it’s got wheels and it sometimes rolls away.  Gosh, he can scare us sometimes, because it looks like he has no fear of anything!

It seems that Baby G’s separation anxiety is getting better, because he will now often crawl to another room on his own and he does not cling to me so much anymore.  The down side to this is that I now need to be a lot more vigilant of where he is at all times.  The times when he disappears on his own is often the times when he is up to no good :)!  Sometimes I can laugh at him so much, because I can see when he wants to be naughty – he still cannot hide it – he gets this big grin and funny little laugh when he thinks of something he is not supposed to do and he gives himself away every time!

Baby G now loves to put things into containers and put lids on things.  He also loves to take a bite out of his food and then try to feed it to me, and after I’ve taken a bite (or pretended to take a bite) to take a bite himself again.  I’m trying to teach him please and thank you now, by asking for something by saying please and also saying thank you when he gives it to me.  I’m not expecting him to say the words yet, but I just hope that he will understand the concept soon.

Teeth:  Baby G’s fourth tooth cut through this past Friday, so it seems that the period between cutting each tooth is  little bit less than a month each time (probably about every 4 weeks).  I can see 2 more teeth through his gums on the top, but I can’t see the bottom 2 yet.

Sleeping:  This past month we’ve tried the crying it out method of sleep training and it was a success.  Baby G sleeps on his own in his cot every night and we have no more crying.  He still wakes up anything from once to about 3 times a night.  The past couple of nights were 3 times each, but I think it is due to Baby G cutting his fourth tooth.  Before this tooth started to bother him he woke up only once for most of the nights.  Even though we’ve had more waking up in the past few days it is still a lot better than what we used to sleep like before we tried crying it out.

Daytime naps are still on our bed and sometimes it is accompanied by a lot of crying or fighting sleep.  Some days it takes 3-4 tries to get him to nap, and some days Baby G doesn’t want to nap in the afternoon at all.  Baby G is definitely not a big fan of naptime…

Eating:  Baby G loves to eat what we eat, so pureed baby food is almost something of the past.  I still try to give it to him sometimes but he definitely prefers to eat more on his own, and more finger foods.   His favourites this past month were: Spaghetti Bolognese; Chicken a la King; chicken; cauliflower and broccoli with cheese sauce, pieces of cheese and the past few days banana.  The banana was a surprise to me since he hated banana until recently, but I’m glad he is starting to eat it, since it is an easy and quick way to get some food into him, especially if we are not at home.

Baby G still nurses 5-6 times a day, and some days up to 8 times in a 24 hour period (when he wakes a lot at night).  He definitely loves to drink from his mamma’s boobies, and I’ve decided to keep on with it until he is a year old and then I’ll decide from there if I still want to continue.  Fortunately he’s not biting my nipples so much anymore, because I noticed that he usually started to bite when he was just about finished and as soon as he bit me I stopped nursing him.  I think he got the message as it’s been quite some time since he last bit me.

Favourites:  Baby G still loves to play with water and his new favourite is mud.  I have to watch him like a hawk these days, because he would try to escape to play with the water in the fish pond, the dog’s water bowl and the toilet.  So I’m very strict about doors that need to be closed now.  Baby G has learned to make a plan to get to water – for instance he will act like he is thirsty if one of us drinks from a glass of water, and then if we offer it to him so that he can take a sip out of it, he will quickly put his hand in the glass and start to flick water all over the place.

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Another Friday Funny Video:

Baby G just throws anything he can into the toilet whenever he gets the chance.  Just once he threw something in there that actually belongs in there…

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Crying it out

One thing that I was adamant that I would not do was cry it out sleep training.  I absolutely hated the idea that my baby had to cry himself to sleep.

But about two weeks ago I realized that the co-sleeping wasn’t good for us or baby G, and I read a few posts of parents who’ve tried it and for whom it worked, so out of desperation I decided that we must try it, since none of the other sleep training methods worked for us.

The first 3 nights were absolutely terrible!  Neither DH nor I could stand to hear our baby cry, but I must say even though we felt terrible, we could see some improvement from the first night already, and we decided to give it a try for at least 1 week.

Well after more than a week he now falls asleep with almost no crying or even some nights no crying at all.  He does not sleep through yet – he wakes once or twice during the night, but most nights only once.  Technically speaking he probably did sleep through, because he’s had a couple of nights of sleeping longer than 5 hours straight, but I don’t see that as sleeping through.  I can see that Baby G can now fall asleep by himself at night and he does not need any help from me anymore.

Now I must just get him to sleep in his cot during the day too.  The few times I’ve tried that, baby G cried for about 30 minutes before I could not stand it anymore and went to fetch him.  After those times he was so wide awake from all the crying that I could not get him to nap at all!  If anyone has some advice on how to get him to nap in his cot I would absolutely welcome it.

Even though this was really hard to do I know it’s best for baby G and for us too.  We are all getting more sleep, and DH and I don’t feel so incredibly tired when we get up in the morning anymore.

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So what do I know?

Not much it seems!  I was so wrong yesterday.  It seems I did ovulate because AF came this morning.  I think I must have ovulated around CD22, but I stopped testing around CD16, so I missed it.  I’ve only once in my life ovulated (if that is the right word here) after CD20 and that was with my first IVF, so naturally I did not expect it.

I can’t help but laugh about it…

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if I’m pregnant yet.

The answer is no, not yet.  I’m currently on CD36, I think, and no sign of AF, but the HPT is negative.  I suspect I haven’t ovulated yet, as all the OPK’s I took were negative.  There was a feint line from CD9 that got a bit darker up to CD 14, but not nearly as dark as it’s supposed to be, and then from CD15 it got lighter again.

I want to be honest with you all, and share my failures as well as my successes here, so that is why I’m keeping you updated on this.

I must say there has been a lot going on here with us lately and my focus has not been what it is supposed to be.  I really would love to be pregnant again and have a second child, but it really doesn’t have to happen right now.  I guess we were both a caught a bit unawares with AF arriving, and felt rushed into making a decision, which we are happy with, but like I said the focus isn’t there yet.

We have been under quite a lot of stress lately and honestly I was not disappointed at all to see the negative HPT.  I wouldn’t say I was happy, just no emotions at all.

Weirdly, I longed to be pregnant again a lot more just after baby G was born up to when he was about 6 months old, but he is keeping me so busy and taking so much of my attention that lately it’s not much on my mind.  I think though, that I will definitely try to focus more soon, because I would love a gap of no more than 2 years between my kids.  My sister and I are close in age and were incredibly close as kids, so I would love that for baby G too.

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