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O, How Fast They Grow!

I got a puppy for my 42nd birthday, but even though Nitro is now 7 months old, he does not look like a puppy anymore. He is just as tall as KT, and his head is just as big, but he is still quite a bit leaner than her. I cannot imagine how big he will get when he is fully grown, but I think he is going to be big for a boxer.

He is a really sweet dog though, and it was not nearly as hard raising him as I thought it would be with a toddler in the house, because we have KT and Nandi to help us, and they did a splendid job! I have to admit that our input has been less with Nitro than with all our other dogs, solely because we have baby G now and he will always be our number 1 priority above the dogs.

KT is madly in love with her new mate, she is so impressed, because Nandi is old and she just did not want to play with her as much as KT wants. KT and Nitro play with each other for hours every day, and it’s so much fun to watch. I’ve attached some video’s of Nitro playing for you.

Nitro is also so good with Baby G, it amazes me! Baby G loves to throw a ball for him and he will bring it right back and drop it on the floor so that Baby G can throw it again. They also both love to play with water and often they will get wet together. We cannot water the garden with those two nearby, because they will both be wet within minutes no matter how cold the water or the weather. There are times when Nitro is outside and baby G inside the house, and baby G will open a window and they will play together through the window. One of these games is to both lick the window on either side of the glass and sometimes there is no glass between them (yeah, I know gross!) Baby G will also throw things outside for Nitro to play with, and he pets him a lot through the window. Some days I think that Nitro is not my dog, but baby G’s dog, and that is okay with me, because our little boy sure does love dogs! It is so precious to see the bond between these two.


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Puppy love:

We have 3 boxers in our home now, KT, Nitro and Nitro’s little sister Tessa.  Tessa is DH’s brother’s dog – when he heard that we were going to get a boxer puppy he told DH to get him a female if there is still one left.  Well there was, so DH took two from the breeder.  BIL and his family are on holiday now so we are puppy sitting Tessa, and Nitro, KT and Baby G all love having her here.

Yesterday after baby G woke from his afternoon nap, he wanted to sit on the couch in between the 2 puppies and he started to play with Tessa’s ear while he was still half asleep.  It was so cute that I just had to capture it on video.  Unfortunately the couch is right in front of the window so the quality of the video is not the best, but what can one do?  There are no do overs with babies and puppies…

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Meet Nitro:

It was my 42nd birthday a week ago and guess who I got for my birthday?


Nitro is our new boxer puppy.  We decided that Nandi is getting old and KT needs a play mate that can keep up with her.  Now that Baby G is older than a year we feel that we have some energy to raise another puppy.  We though now would be the best time – we hope to have either a sibling for baby G by the end of the year or that I should be heavily pregnant again, so its either now or wait another 1.5 – 2 years.

I must say, its tougher raising a puppy and a 14 month old than I thought.  Raising puppies have always been easy for us, but this is the first time with a baby/toddler.  I have to keep an eye on both of them all the time!  Nitro loves to chew baby G’s toys, jump up against baby G and lick him in the face.  Baby G can sometimes hurt Nitro by hitting him with his sippy cup or whatever toy he has in his hands.

Fortunately raising Nitro is not just up to us, KT is a big help too.  And she absolutely adores Nitro!  I am totally amazed at how much and how rough they play, even though Nitro is only 8 weeks old.


I must say I don’t feel 42 – I feel more like 24!

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