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Our 1st scan!

Our long awaited appointment arrived at last and we got to see one healthy heartbeat!  We are so happy!  I never thought the stress before your first scan would be just as bad as going for the pregnancy test!  Yesterday afternoon I started getting bad cramps and lower back pain and it was so bad I had to lie down a bit!  I had my poor husband all stressed up, because I said it feels similar to AF cramps.  Poor man – he was up at 1:40 am this morning and vomiting!  To make matters worse I had two tiny spots of brownish discharge, so we were a bundle of nerves when we arrived at the clinic this morning.

The doctor says that there was a 2nd sack but it was empty, so it implanted but did not develop any further.  Surprisingly both DH and I are not really upset about it, as we are just so happy to see that one heartbeat.  Baby measured at 7.1mm and at 6w4d – it’s 2 days behind what I actually am, but I’m not going to worry about it!  I trust in God!  He will protect our precious baby!  The doctor did not measure the heartbeat but he says it’s strong and he estimates it was beating between 140 and 150 bpm.  The doctor is happy so we are also happy!

Here is a picture of the scan:

Thank you God for this wonderful miracle of life you have given us!


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We are about halfway in our 3WW to our first scan.  It feels like time is passing very slowly.  It feels longer than our 2WW after ET.  It is actually longer, but I guess I also got used to the 2WW.  I’ve been through so many.  This is a totally new experience to me…  After all it is the first time ever I’m pregnant…

I’m getting a lot of attention from a lot of people (Yes, everybody knows I’m pregnant).  It was almost impossible to keep a secret.  Our parents and siblings were so excited that they could not keep the news to themselves.  It makes me a little uncomfortable at times, but we really did not want to lie about our good news, so the truth had to come out.  I’m totally overwhelmed by the responses from different people.  We have had just positive feedback and comments.  I must say, we as “infertiles” often complain about the stupid or insensitive comments people can make, but sometimes those “fertiles” are more sensitive that we give them credit for….

Yesterday, somebody told us that they (a husband and wife) got goose bumps and tears in their eyes when they heard about our pregnancy.  This coming from somebody we are not close to at all, and somebody we certainly have not discussed our issues with.  The husband said that he saw that we were always a little sensitive about the question “do you have any kids?”, and that we always brushed it off with a non-committal answer.  They certainly never made any stupid comments and I think they had a better understanding about our situation than I ever could have thought,  especially if you take into account that they never had any problems conceiving their own 2 children.   Others have been absolutely overjoyed and I think sometimes they seem more excited about our pregnancy than us!  I can tell that they realise what a huge miracle this is for us!

I’m also surprised by my DH’s reaction to this pregnancy.  He always said that he wouldn’t mind not ever having children, just as long as he’s got me in his life.  But to see the joy about our pregnancy was amazing, it was just so much more joy than I ever could have imagined!  I’m glad I never knew what his reaction would be, because I would never have been able to cope with the guilt about our infertility.  O!  And I got my first ever mother’s day present today, a bunch of roses from my wonderful husband!  Boy, do I love that man!

Another thing that is a little weird is the fact that people are invading my personal space suddenly!  Everybody wants to touch my tummy (even though I’m not showing yet!), and some have even bent down to my crotch area to speak to our little one/s.  Very weird and uncomfortable!  But I guess it comes with the territory.  Fortunately it’s only been close family, but definitely embarrassing!

It still feels unreal – although I’m getting some more symptoms now.  For the last few days I’ve been really tired in the afternoons, and I’ve started taking naps whenever possible.  My boobs have increased at least 2 bra sizes and they are terribly sore!  They have blue veins shining through and my nipples are also so much larger.  Since Friday morning I’ve felt queasy, but not nauseous, also a little feint, not dizzy.    I’ve been feeling a little off…  No cravings, but I seem to want to avoid sweet foods and prefer salty foods.

All in all it’s going well and I’m still incredibly thankful for this huge miracle!

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