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This is amazing! This man found so many things and places to prove the Bible is true. Noah’s Ark, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Egyptian army on the bottom of the Red Sea, and so much more!

But the part that blessed me the most was his discovery of the Ark of the Covenant and the blood on it. He first found the place where Jesus was crucified and saw there was a crack in the earth because of the earthquake. Blood from the wound in Jesus’ side seeped through that crack into a chamber below where the Ark of the Covenant is and dropped right onto the Mercy seat. In the Old Testament, the priests sprinkled the blood of animals that were sacrificed right there on the mercy seat, and Jesus’ actual blood was also sprinkled onto the same Mercy seat… Ron Wyatt had the dry blood analyzed and it only has 24 chromosomes, 23 X and 1 Y, proving that it’s Jesus’ blood as He had no earthly father…

The Ark of the covenant is still there to this day, and ready for when the third temple will be built!

Wow! Wow! Wow! Is all I can say.

(I’m busy working on the post for the reasons why I think the rapture will be soon, but it turns out to be more than I thought so I might break it up in a few posts, that way I can post quicker, and the post won’t be too long)


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I am back!

I see its more than 3 years since I last wrote a blog post! I can’t believe how time has flown! I doubt any of my regular readers still follow this blog, but according to the stats there are still a few people who visit this blog every day so I’ll post for whoever comes this way…

Let me first give a short update on us:
G-force is 5.5 years old now and in Grade R (the last year of crèche, but it’s at the primary school he will attend next year as his previous crèche does not have the option of Grade R – some do, but not the one he went to)

He is such a joy to us and the absolute light in our lives! I still thank Jesus for the absolutely wonderful blessing of being his mommy.
Here are some pictures of G-force, the first day at the new school in January and the official photo taken at the school in March. As you can see he is a big boy already!

I was pregnant 2 years ago, but our little baby’s heartbeat stopped somewhere around 10.5 weeks. I had the D & C evac at 12 weeks on the 15th of September 2015. Once again a natural conception with no medical help and I was 44 at that stage. I assumed the FS would do genetic tests again on the baby, but it turns out they probably didn’t as I never got any feedback after like with my first pregnancy.

A miscarriage is never easy to deal with, but this time it wasn’t just my feelings and DH’s feelings to take into account but also G-force’s as he still really wants a little brother preferably, but he will be happy with a sister too. He is asking us often why the baby had to die and why he can’t get a little brother or sister, and it’s absolutely heartbreaking for both DH and me.

I am 46 now and we have officially given up on trying to get pregnant again. The reason is that we believe that Jesus is coming to fetch us soon in the rapture and that we will be reunited with our 32 babies in heaven.

That is actually why I want to start this blog up again – I want to share why I think Jesus is coming for us soon. So stay tuned I hope to explain more very soon!

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