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Meet Nitro:

It was my 42nd birthday a week ago and guess who I got for my birthday?


Nitro is our new boxer puppy.  We decided that Nandi is getting old and KT needs a play mate that can keep up with her.  Now that Baby G is older than a year we feel that we have some energy to raise another puppy.  We though now would be the best time – we hope to have either a sibling for baby G by the end of the year or that I should be heavily pregnant again, so its either now or wait another 1.5 – 2 years.

I must say, its tougher raising a puppy and a 14 month old than I thought.  Raising puppies have always been easy for us, but this is the first time with a baby/toddler.  I have to keep an eye on both of them all the time!  Nitro loves to chew baby G’s toys, jump up against baby G and lick him in the face.  Baby G can sometimes hurt Nitro by hitting him with his sippy cup or whatever toy he has in his hands.

Fortunately raising Nitro is not just up to us, KT is a big help too.  And she absolutely adores Nitro!  I am totally amazed at how much and how rough they play, even though Nitro is only 8 weeks old.


I must say I don’t feel 42 – I feel more like 24!


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It’s been a while since I’ve blogged, but with good reason.  We went away for a week on vacation, and I must say it was a much needed vacation.  We went to Zin.kwazi on the Na.tal north coast and although it is winter the weather was not too bad!  The temperature there is quite a bit warmer than here where we live and that suited me fine!  This winter I’ve been cold all the time and I just needed a bit warmer weather for a while.   My sister told me that when she was pregnant she was hot all the time and she felt like she had a heater in her tummy, but I certainly don’t feel like that!  I cannot wait for spring to come and for the weather to get warmer.

I’m 16 weeks pregnant now and DH thinks he can see my tummy get bigger by the day.  I can’t believe that I was worried that I was carrying too small only two weeks ago, although most people won’t guess that I’m pregnant – I feel that I just look fatter than I’ve ever been in my life, but not pregnant yet, so I’m actually quite self conscious about how I look now.  Funny enough my clothes still fit me, especially my pants, so it seems I’ve not picked up much weight around my bum area, just around my tummy.

My sister and her family also came with us and we had a good discussion about her pregnancies and how she carried, gained weight etc, and it seems that our bodies react totally different, which was a surprise to me as we are very similarly built and I always assumed it would be the same for us.   They lived in the UK when she was pregnant with both her daughters, so I really don’t know much about her pregnancies.

My sister said she always gained weight in her bum first and she was in bigger pants before the end of her first trimester.  She also didn’t really have any morning sickness and she was hungry all the time, so she ate a lot more than usual.  I think I eat only slightly more than what I was used to, and up to 14 weeks I was so nauseous that I really only ate what I could.

She also said that her tummy only popped out much later and with her first baby, she didn’t have much of a bump, but that was because the baby was breech and couldn’t turn.  The second pregnancy I saw her for the last 4 weeks or so when they came back to South Africa for good and although she had a good sized bump it wasn’t huge – as a matter of fact she was the same size at the same time as my SIL who had her first baby (a boy) exactly 2 months after my sister had her second.

So, I guess I won’t be able to compare myself to her, as it seems my pregnancy is already so much different than hers.  I wonder if the fact that we are having a boy has anything to do with it?  One of my previous bosses always had a theory that with boys you carry most of the weight in the tummy area and with girls mostly in the bum area…  I always thought that was an old wives tale, but now I’m wondering if there is some truth to it?

I’ve been feeling some more movements, but not very often, not even every day.  I’ve been hoping that DH can feel it too, so often when we lie in bed he lies with his hand on my tummy.  The other day he told me he felt a very faint movement under his hand and when he described it to me it sounded exactly like what I’m feeling so I believe he also felt our little nunu!  That was an incredibly special moment!

On a different topic:  My mom was admitted to hospital earlier this week.  It seems that the chemo has once again destroyed most of her blood platelets and this time also her red blood cells.  Her colon started bleeding again, and because blood doesn’t clot well with low blood platelets she lost a lot of blood and had to get a blood transfusion.   She got one bag of blood platelets and one bag of red blood cells, and she was kept overnight in hospital.  The oncologist said that he will let her know in a week and a half’s time what he intends to do about this problem.   My mom really doesn’t want anymore chemo, but the oncologist didn’t want to commit to a specific POA for her.  I can tell that these last few weeks were incredibly hard on my mom and for the first time she really did sound worried about her health…   I’m currently clinging to God’s promises about healing and I try not to worry too much.

Talking about worry – this morning KT had us worried.  We saw her last around breakfast time and then it seemed that she had disappeared.  DH and I went looking for her around lunch time and eventually I saw her in one of our neighbour’s house.  I knocked on the door and I realized that there was no one at home and that KT was locked up inside.

At first we didn’t have the cell number of the lady that lives there, fortunately someone gave it to us, but then she didn’t answer her phone.  Eventually we realized that we would have to try to break into her house, because KT was starting to get anxious in there.  Fortunately DH was able to open her garage door and get into the house from there to let KT out.

A little bit later this lady phoned back and DH explained what happened, and she thought it was hilarious!  She told us that KT visits her and her teenage son a lot and that KT woke her up yesterday morning by giving her a lick in the face.  Apparently she had opened a door for her dog and KT, who can jump over walls of about 4-5 foot high, got into her garden and into the house.  When her son comes home after school in the afternoon’s he wrestles with KT on the living room carpet so KT is quite at home with them in their house, and I think that she just didn’t realize KT was still in the house when she left this morning.   Her only worry was her cat, that only stays indoors, but when she came home he was OK so obviously KT didn’t harm him…  KT was also waiting for her when she came home and went straight back into her house with her, so she obviously hasn’t learnt her lesson!

We are just so relieved that KT and the cat are OK, and that KT didn’t damage this lady’s house trying to get out…  DH loves to say in times like this, “Must love dogs…”

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KT is 1 today!

Today is KT’s birthday and I can’t believe she is a year old already.  She is such a character and she gives us so much pleasure.   It feels like she knows that today is her birthday because she’s been looking for special attention since early this morning.  Something that she never does…

First she woke us up early – fortunately only 10 minutes or so before we usually get up, not too early, with a bone she dug up from the garden and she dumped that right in front of our bedroom door.  (What a mess she made – there was mud everywhere, but fortunately we don’t have carpets so it was easy to clean…)  Then she tried to play on the couch, which she’s not allowed to do, and when I called her she came racing into our bedroom, jumped on the bed and wanted to play with me there (she is also not allowed to do that…)

DH gave our fish some food a bit later, and she was watching him, and terrorising the fish.  She acts as if she tries to bite them and they can actually see her through the glass of the fish tank and they don’t like that at all!  Then she started licking the glass of the fish tank, and they don’t like that either!   I can’t believe how fascinated she and Nandi are with the fish.  They actually sit in front of the tank and watch them quite often.

Since then she wanted to go for quite a few walks, she’s brought us a few more bones and in general she just tries anything so that we must play with her…  I took all these pictures this morning.

Even though she is a year old, she still hasn’t come on heat.  I’m sure all the boxer bitches we’ve had previously came on heat somewhere between 9 months and a year.  I’m not too bothered about it though because Shumi is not the only male here that is not neutered and we certainly don’t want any mongrel puppies.  Originally we thought we would book her into a kennel when she comes on heat, to prevent her from getting pregnant, but this way so far is off course the cheaper option…  I would love it if she could have puppies at least once, but later off course.  Not now, she is still too young…

While I’m telling you about KT I want to give you a quick update on Shumi too.  He is doing much better again.  Just after I found out I was pregnant he went through a bad patch.  He was incredibly thin and the vet was worried about that.  We decided to give him some special attention and feed him not only the dry dog food that he used to get, but to boost him with some canned dog food too.  I can’t believe what a difference it’s made.  He’s back to his normal weight, he is lively and playful again and he even plays with KT again.

The snot is also better after a strong course of antibiotics and that is at this moment his only symptom, except for his blocked nose of course…  When DH went to fetch the antibiotics from our vet he told him that Shumi is back to his original weight and the vet said that is a good sign.  The vet is now convinced that Shumi’s tumour must be benign because he says it is incredibly difficult for an animal with cancer to gain weight.  I know that about a year ago we were told it was definitely cancerous from the smear the other vet took from his nose.

So DH and I are convinced that Shumi has already been cured of the cancer – both vets are certainly very surprised that Shumi is still alive, a year and 3 months after his symptoms began.  I am also confident that he will be completely healed soon.  At the moment it is the middle of winter here and we have had some cold weather (OK cold for South Africa – probably not cold for those used to living in colder climates) and the cold weather does not seem to affect Shumi much.  Until very recently he still slept outside in his kennel, but we’ve felt sorry for all of our dogs, so they’ve been sleeping inside for the past few weeks.  They are enjoying that a lot and they are really getting spoilt – something we’ve never really allowed in the past.  O well, they must enjoy it while it lasts – I’m sure that it will stop again when our baby arrives…

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KT at 10 months:

It’s been such a long time since I’ve blogged about KT.  She has grown so much; she is almost as big as Shumi, which is a  surprise as her parents weren’t so big.  I think it’s the food that we feed them, because all our boxers were or are big, but most of their parents weren’t so big.

Except Pippin’s dad – he was huge!  I remember the day we got her – when we stopped at the house of the breeder DH’s window was open and he just walked up to the car and rested his head in the open window.  I think that was the only time I’ve been a bit scared of a boxer.  But he was just like any other boxer happy to see visitors…

Anyway, back to KT – she is very sociable; she is also incredibly loved by everyone that lives here in our estate.  DH took them all for a walk the other day and he saw one of the ladies that live here walking behind him, pushing her stroller with her 1 year old baby inside.  This couple has 2 children – a bigger daughter of about 5 or 6 year old and then the little one who turned 1 in March.  They rent from the developer and DH thought that she was looking for the owners of their house as she was walking very fast and determined down the road.  DH knew that she wouldn’t find them at their house as he saw them elsewhere while he was walking the dogs.

So DH asks her, “soek jy een van hulle?”  Meaning, “Are you looking for one of them?” but she heard, “Do you want one of them?”  KT was walking just in front of the stroller you see.  So she answers, “Yes we would love one, but we have 2 cats and we don’t know what a dog would do to them.  My older daughter loves KT to bits and we lock the cats into one of the bedrooms and let her play with KT inside the house, but it’s getting difficult to explain to her that she cannot have KT.   The little one also loves KT and I must take her for walks so often because she just wants to get close to KT, but KT never stands still!”  I was wondering why this lady took the little baby for so many walks in the stroller, and it turns out it’s to get outside to let the baby play with KT.  In the end DH was too embarrassed to tell her that’s not what he meant…

It warms my heart that our dogs are so loved by our neighbours.  Our other neighbours who own Tess the little black dog in the video also love KT to bits.  Every morning they give their dogs a chicken neck and every afternoon they get a bone.  KT knows about this ritual and she is always there to collect one for herself too.

DH has a new nickname for KT – he calls her stretch, because she sleeps stretched out and seems so long.  I have said to DH that we should have named her happy, because she seems happy all the time.  It almost looks like she is smiling constantly.

In the photo below she is not quite stretched out, but she is using Nandi as a pillow!

Here is a video of KT and Tess playing.  They are so entertaining!  I must say I haven’t been able to get a video of them playing with KT bouncing around.  It looks like she has springs on the bottom of her feet to help her bounce.  But this was the best I could get.   Somehow when I take a camera or my phone out to record them they stop the funny antics!

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Counting blessings:

Yesterday DH and I went for a walk around the estate that we live. Shumi and Nandi came along, but KT was not at home. We found this boy wandering around, but we did not know who he was. He definitely does not live here. First he tried to touch Shumi, but he seemed a bit afraid. Then he wanted to touch Nandi, and she was happy to let him touch her, before she ran off. A few minutes later this boy came to us to ask if we knew where the “little brown boxer girl” is. He said he had been looking for her all day (I’m sure this was an exaggeration, because it’s not that difficult to find KT!) He continued to tell us that he was here previously once and that day he spent the whole day playing with her.

I smiled then because I think I know who this boy is. One of our neighbours is a beautician and works from home. She once had a client visit her at 8h00 and it was this boy’s mom. This boy didn’t want to sit inside, so he went outside and found KT. When his mom was finished he enjoying playing with KT so much that our neighbour said his mom could leave the boy here, she would keep an eye on him (I guess he is about 10 years old) and the mom could come to fetch him later. That boy really spent almost all day here playing with KT and occasionally taking a break for something to eat or drink.

Fortunately I know where to look for KT and we soon found her and she was so happy to see this boy. He knelt down and she licked his ears and they were so happy to see each other. They both ran off immediately, the boy found a ball and they went crazy! Unfortunately about 5 minutes later the boy’s mom was finished and they had to go home. But the boy was happy and KT was happy. It really touched my heart that they enjoyed playing with each other so much. I’m so glad my dear KT could give a little boy so much joy. She is such a sweet dog!

She actually has a routine every day. It starts at about 5h00 every day. She visits almost everyone that lives here, and she spends time with them. Each of these people thinks she visits only them, but she goes from house to house. Everybody thinks she treats them as if they are special, but she treats everyone like that. She is really a blessing to many people and she is a blessing to us too. But just like KT, Shumi and Nandi are blessings to us too. They give us joy in so many different ways.


Then the other blessing that I’m grateful for today is my DH. Today 18 years ago (I can’t believe it) we met. Let me tell you the story:

I was almost 22 and DH was already 22.  A friend of mine from school met one of DH’s friends at gym and made a date with him. DH was part of a big group of friends from school and none of them had girlfriends (well, except for the one that made a date with my friend – long story, but I only found out months later he had a girlfriend), and this guy asked her to bring a friend with for his friends. Now, we all went to the same school, but DH and his friends were 1 year ahead of us. My friend and I knew who this group of guys were, their names and what they looked like, because my friend had a crush on one of them in school, but we never spoke to them.

When I first saw DH my heart literally skipped a beat. I could not keep my eyes off him. I thought he was so sexy. He didn’t speak to me at first because his one friend had a problem with his car and he was trying to fix it for him. I thought he was not interested. Later though when we went out, he did speak to me and from that moment on we were together for the rest of the night. He even took me home and asked for my phone number. But he didn’t have a pen and he had to memorize it. Only much later DH said he saw my long legs and that he fell for me immediately (I had a mini on – I’m 1.77 cm or 5 ft 10”).

I didn’t hear from DH the next day, or the day after which was Valentine’s Day. I thought he either forgot my number or wasn’t interested. But the day after Valentine’s Day he did phone and we went on our first official date. It turned out he felt awkward about Valentine’s day and didn’t know how to handle it, so that was why he only contacted me the day after. We have been inseparable ever since. Soul mates.

Quite a few people have commented on how close we are – how they can see we belong together, and that they wished they were in such a close relationship. Even just after we met one friend of DH told me that he could see that we were meant to get married (at that stage marriage wasn’t even brought up, or even thought about yet).

Today 18 years later I’m incredibly thankful that I met DH that day, and it rates as one of the best days of my life ever. Today I’m still as much in love with my DH as I was 18 years ago! I love you so much my darling husband!

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Sharing is caring:

Today I want to share some video’s to show you how cute KT is. In the first video she is sharing her squeaky toy with Shumi. She has shared her toys and her food with our neighbour’s puppy Tess as well. Those two are together most of the time. They love to play for hours. In the second video KT is playing with some fake roses, I don’t know where she got them and she and Tess were playing around with them. Afterwards the flowers were pretty much destroyed…

Thank you for all the prayers for Shumi – he is much better again.  He hasn’t had any more bleeding like when I posted the previous picture and I must admit I was really shaken up and stressed because of that.  I am now even more determined to confess healing scriptures over him.  I am not going to allow the devil to defeat me here! 

My mom had her PET scan yesterday, but she will only get her results on 8 February, when she sees her oncologist again.  In the mean time we are confident that she is completely healed and we are not going to worry about the results…

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Great news!

My mom went to see her Oncologist again yesterday and she got some great news.  All her blood tests were prefect!   They tested her blood platelets, white blood cells count and tumour markers.  The tumour markers were definitely negative!  The doctor wants to do a PET scan sometime soon, and if that is PET negative then my mom is out of the woods!  We are so relieved and happy, and I’m not one bit worried about the PET scan.  I believe my mom is completely healed from her cancer.  Thank You, God!  You are so great!

In other news Shumi is also doing very well – all that bleeding that he had when we got back from holiday has stopped again and he really seems well, healthy and very happy. 

KT is also doing great – she is so big already.  She is a very independent dog, not dependent on attention from us at all.  She is also just like Shumi a very social dog – with humans and other dogs.  She visits a lot of our neighbours regularly and it seems she has a routine during the mornings and afternoons.  Everyone thinks she comes to visit them specially, but the other day when we had a party in our complex, about 4 people came to tell me separately that she visits them at specific times every day.  She visits all the dog lovers, one after the other, and then she might visit a few of her dog friends and she even likes to go play with the little boy living behind us.  If I must guess I would say the little boy is about 18-24 months old and they just love to play together.  Well, she runs around acting funny and he laughs at her.  

Two of our neighbours seem to think she is the “smartest dog on earth” – their words not mine.  Apparently they can give her a command and she immediately listens and reacts to it.  She doesn’t seem to do that here with us!  For instance they would tell her:  “Go sit outside and then I will bring you something to eat,” and she would immediately walk outside to just outside the doorway, and then sit patiently waiting for the food to come.  We just tell her “sit”.  She has also devised a way to open the gate of one of our neighbours.  Apparently she jumps up against the gate 3 times and then the latch opens.  And recently we found out that she can also jump over some of the lower walls, right into the other people’s gardens.  That is one thing we are not impressed with.  KT is our 5th boxer and the 1st one to jump.  At the moment it is not so bad, but should we move it might prove to be difficult to keep her inside our yard. 

KT has a new little friend – a Patterdale Terrier puppy called Tess.  Little Tess is now about 3 months old and they play together a lot.  Tess even comes to visit us here in our house.  Shumi also likes her a lot, but to be honest he doesn’t get much chance to play with her, KT just takes over most of the time… 

Here is a video of KT and Tess playing together:

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