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3 Years Ago:

It was a Sunday. I did not sleep well that night. I was like a little girl waiting for Christmas to finally arrive – so excited, and when I saw the sun coming out around six o’clock I sneaked out of bed and went downstairs to POAS (or rather in a container and dipped the stick). I had bought a super sensitive stick the day before and according to that test one can test as early as 4 days before your period is due, so I tested on CD24. There was no doubt in my mind that I was pregnant, but I realised it was early to test on CD24 so I did not really expect to see a positive.

I nervously held the stick in my hand and watched the pink colour move across the little window, and for a few moments I just put it down and could not look at it anymore. Then the anticipation got too much and I had to look again and there was a really feint second line! So quickly! It felt like my heart skipped a beat, and then I just broke down in tears and praised the Lord! He kept His promise! I was pregnant!

It felt like an eternity before DH woke up and came downstairs. In that time I tested with 2 other but less sensitive tests I had in the house but both of those were negative.

I asked for his opinion about something: “Can you see a second line here?”, while I handed him the stick. He looked and said, “No.” I said, “Look carefully there is a feint line there,” and he replied, “Yes, I see a very feint line, but surely that cannot be positive?”

We had plans to visit family that day, and we could not get to a lab to do blood tests, so I had to wait until the next morning. I tested with my last test (one of the less sensitive ones I tried the previous day), and this time it came up positive! It was so sweet to see that second line! I got dressed quickly to drive to the hospital in our town to have my blood drawn. I phoned my FS’s rooms for my results later in the afternoon and they did not receive it! O, the agony!

Only on the Tuesday morning did the sister phone to say that my Beta was 50. She thought it was a bit low and asked me to be cautiously optimistic, but I was ecstatic, and I tried to explain to her that I tested early, but she did not want to listen to me. Wednesday morning I was off early to the lab again, but this time I went to a hospital in a neighbouring town because the lab at our hospital not only lost my blood results but the nurses that draw the blood were also not very good at their job, and I was black and blue from the previous test.  There was a little bit of spotting when I wiped that morning, so before we left to go to the hospital for the bloods I phoned the sister at the FS, and she suggested I test my progesterone levels too.

This time I did not have to phone the clinic, before I could get too worked up and nervous the sister phoned me and she was almost screaming from excitement because my Beta was 195, almost 4 times more than 2 days before that, and I was only on CD27 of my cycle!

That night we told our parents, our siblings and our closest friends that I was pregnant.


I have such wonderful memories from those early days and I have been thinking back on it a lot these last couple of days. I actually thought I was pregnant a few days ago, because AF was late (well … late for me).

I haven’t had a normal cycle since before G-force was born. The first cycle after his birth, at around 10 months was over 30 days (not sure exactly how long), but all the others were quite short cycles anything from 21 days to about 26 days.

This past Sunday I was on CD28 and had a feeling of cramping since Friday, but no blood and no spotting, so I tested with a not very sensitive test. It was negative, but I was not upset since I figured the test was not sensitive enough. I did not have any other tests in the house and could not go to the shops to buy more until Monday afternoon.  Monday night I had a little brown blood when I wiped and I thought I will test the next morning if AF did not start during the night as lately I do spot before AF arrives in full force, but only for an hour or so before.

Tuesday morning there was still some spotting, a little more but really not a lot, so I tested with one of those super sensitive ones I tested with 3 years ago… And it was also negative… An hour or so later AF arrived in full force. I cannot really say I was disappointed, and I was definitely not upset.

At least I had a perfect 29 day cycle, and I’m pretty sure I ovulated around CD14 or CD15 because I had ovulation pains on those 2 days and that means that my lutual phase was around 14 days, which is perfect. Praise the Lord for that! I’m hoping that we will have a positive test really soon now!

I must say I am still absolutely blown away with our wonderful, beautiful little boy the Lord has graced us with! Believe it or not, but I still thank and praise the Lord for him just about every day! I’m still as grateful as I was when we just found out that I was pregnant, and our little boy has turned out so much more than what we ever could have hoped or dreamed of! God is so good! He has blessed us tremendously with this child of ours!



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