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Last week DH took Nandi to the vet, because she has a skin condition that does not want to go away.  In a moment of weakness, (I say this as we have not treated Shumi with any medication for months, as nothing helps anyway, and I feel like I was disobedient to God by giving Shumi medication,) I asked him to get antibiotics for Shumi too, because he has a lot of snot coming out of his nose again (these antibiotics did not help at all by the way…) The vet and his wife once again could not believe that Shumi is still alive.  “It must be a benign tumour then,” was all explanation they could give…

They are not the only people wondering about Shumi’s health – my BIL once mentioned that Shumi might have a polyp in his nose, and that the vet must have made a mistake with the diagnosis, even though we had a x-ray taken which showed a definite tumour that was eating into the bone next to it, and even though that vet took a biopsy that revealed cancerous cells.  People are looking for other explanations as to why Shumi is still looking so good. 

He jogs with me every morning, and I must say he is fitter than I am.  We often have to stop because I’m tired, but never due to Shumi being tired.  He eats well, more than ever, he has lots of energy, plays with KT a lot, and the only problem is his snotty and blocked nose. 

I’ve been thinking about all this for about a week now, and last night I thought I must goo.gle nasal cavity tumours, just to get some more information on it.  Well what I found was very interesting and I want to share it with you:

The first site I visited said the following:  “How common are nasal cavity tumours in dogs?
Tumours in the nasal cavity and paranasal sinuses are not very common and account for approximately 1% of all tumours in dogs. However, approximately 80% of these tumours are malignant and have a poor long-term prognosis. The average age of dogs with this disease is about 10 years and medium to large breeds may be at higher risk.”

What is the prognosis for dogs with nasal cavity tumours?
One study of 139 dogs showed that without treatment, the average survival time is 95 days. Another study showed that dogs who underwent surgery alone had median survival 3-6 months, which is comparable to that reported for no treatment.  Prognosis of dogs who show symptoms of nose bleeding appears to be worse (median survival of 88 days) compared to those without it (medial survival of 224 days). The median survival time after full course of radiation treatment alone ranges from 8 to 19.7 months, and 43-60% of dogs are alive 1 year after radiation and 11-44% 2 years post-radiation. The use of CT imaging to plan radiation treatment can increase the survival range to 11-19.7 months. Although radiation therapy alone is able to provide local control of nasosinal tumours for approximately 10 months, and thus prolongs the patients’ overall survival, most dogs will eventually die as a result of local disease progression. New approaches to control these tumours need to be developed to further improve the response and overall survival.Several characteristics are associated with poorer outcomes (shorter survival) in dogs with nasosinal tumours such as being over 10 years old, having a tumour-induced facial deformity, presence of lymph node or other organ metastasis, or lack of resolution of clinical signs after radiation therapy.”

Here is another site with some interesting facts:  “Key Points:  The majority of nasal tumours in dogs and cats are malignant.  The most common clinical sign is nasal discharge. CT scans are much more sensitive than routine radiography for imaging nasal tumours and determining the extent of disease. The prognosis for untreated malignant nasal tumours is poor, with survival times of only a few months after diagnosis.  Radiation therapy can prolong survival and improve quality of life in many animals.”

This last site gives a list of breeds that tend to get Canine Nose tumours:  “If the bleeding is due to a canine nose tumour, breeds that are at increased risk include:

  • Airedale terriers
  • Basset hounds
  • Old English Sheepdogs
  • Scottish terriers
  • Collies
  • Shetland sheepdogs
  • German shorthair pointers
  • Labrador retrievers
  • Golden retrievers”

So I learnt that it’s mostly older, male dogs, of the medium to large breeds that get it, but Shumi is not that old.  Only 5 years when the symptoms started.  I also learnt that it is not a common cancer, even though our vet said it was, and that the boxer breed is not one of those that get it easily.  Also it is rare to get a tumour that is benign. 

We were told that radiation would not be an option, because of the site of the tumour, so we never tried it.  These sites do recommend it as a treatment, but I’m not upset that we did not try it.  My MIL knows a lady who had a Labrador that was also diagnosed with the same cancer around the same time as Shumi and they were going to go for radiation, if they ever did I don’t know, but their dog passed away 2 weeks after being diagnosed. 

The most important information to me though is the prognosis – according to all the sites I looked at the prognosis is poor to very bad.  They give life expectancies of 88 days to 5-6 months at the most for dogs that get no treatment at all.  The prognosis is worse for the dogs that have nose bleeds and that was Shumi’s first symptom!  It’s almost a year since Shumi’s symptoms started  and almost 8 months since final diagnosis. 

Now I call Shumi’s situation a miracle from God!  Shumi might not look completely healed, but he is definitely doing better than all these sites say he must be doing!  All the glory must go to God!  Praise the Lord!  It’s a supernatural healing miracle!  Before we know it Shumi will be completely healed, I just know it!


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Another revelation!

Hebrews 11:1 (NIV): 1 Now faith is being sure of what we hope for and certain of what we do not see.”

Proverbs 3:5-7 (NIV): 5Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; 6 in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight. 7 Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the LORD and shun evil.”

I have mentioned faith and trust quite a few times already on this blog. But in the past few weeks I’ve realized that I had faith and trust, but not like I thought I had. I had faith that God can make me pregnant with the help of doctors, I mean it has happened once before. I thought I had faith that God can make me pregnant naturally with a miracle, but I don’t really think I had that faith or trust in God to do it for us.

Why do I say so? Because I was so depressed and down in the dumps because we cannot go for another IVF! I kept thinking of it and every time I thought of it, I got upset and more depressed. Then I would remind myself that I need to trust God and believe for that natural miracle, but a little while later my thoughts would go back to the same stuff again. I even wondered if I could approach my FS and see if he could not do some other form of treatment like another IUI, but with intralipids, something that would be cheaper, but still give us a chance at another pregnancy. I was so temped to phone them or e-mail them and see if it could be done and I finally realized that if I want to trust in God to heal Shumi, then I had to trust in God to make me pregnant naturally.

It’s simple – we have no other choice in the matter with Shumi – 2 vets told us that there is nothing they can do for Shumi – so medical science has failed us here. The only One we can trust in for healing is God. And I do believe God will heal Shumi – I believe He is working already and that He has done a lot already – the fact that our vet was so surprised at how well he looked a month ago and the fact that Shumi has survived past the “few months” that the other vet gave him is enough proof to me.

But in spite of this I still could not get our FS and possible treatments with our clinic out of my mind. With my mom it was easier, because she is still going for treatments, so naturally I believed that God will heal her, either Himself with a miracle or through the Chemotherapy.

Let me also tell you that it is very difficult to stay in faith and trust God for healing when you are feeling sick and miserable and it seems that you are not getting better. I got the flu from my DH – I joked and said he had “man flu”, but when I got it I felt totally miserable for 2 weeks! So he told me I also had the “man flu”, well I acted like I had it! When I was better for about 2 days I got Gastro! Yes, real Gastro – the one that starts with vomiting and later you get diarrhoea to go with it. I even had incredible pain in my whole body!

So what changed? I watched a program from Joy.ce Mey.er and she said that we must “pray, say and do” when we ask God for anything. Now most of us pray a lot and ask God to help us, and I’ve mentioned that I do confess scriptures a lot, so that is the saying, but what about the doing? Well she explained that we have to wait in expectation for God to do what we asked and we must act like we have already received it! We must have an expectant attitude and basically be in a situation where we cannot wait for God to do good things in our lives. Here’s where I got the revelation. I did not have that expectant attitude! I would say my attitude lately was mostly negative.

I started by saying things like: “I cannot wait for God to show us proof that Shumi is completely healed. I cannot wait for all the symptoms to go away! I cannot wait to get positive HPT! I cannot wait to share my testimony to the world of the miracles that God has done in our lives! I cannot wait to see what good things will come out of this day!”

But weirdly enough by the second day – I wasn’t just saying it anymore because that was what Joy.ce told me to do – I believed what I was saying! I was actually excited! I wasn’t thinking about going to the doctors anymore! I trusted and believed in God again! That He will give us a natural pregnancy miracle! And you know what? Suddenly I wasn’t feeling sick and miserable anymore! And no more depression! I’m actually enjoying my life again! I have hope again!


I think I must just put a disclaimer in here. I won’t judge you if you do go for fertility treatments or go to doctors for any kind of medical procedure. I’m not saying it’s wrong or that you shouldn’t do it. What I’m saying is that for us, with our situation at the moment that is what we should do. We must trust in God and believe for those miracles in our lives. I will still support you all the way if you go see a FS, go for any kind of treatment or even if you go for adoption, I will still pray for you that you will get your miracle!

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Yesterday in church we sang the song: Indescribable and pastor A also showed us a short film about the universe and that made me think about the DVD Indescribable from Louie Giglio – I have it here at home and I absolutely love it!  I remember seeing it for the first time about 2,5 years ago – in the time when I was absolutely broken, due to my first failed IVF, and it helped me tremendously!  I want to share it with you today:

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