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Times are tough…

I mentioned a while ago that DH lost his job.  Well thank God he got something again, it is temporary, but at least the potential is there for more work, and for him to start his own business.  We are currently praying hard for favour so that he will get more customers to support him.

I want to say a special thanks to Coco, who was a dear friend and told us about a few opportunities for DH.  Unfortunately it did not lead to anything, but it gave us hope in a dark time and it helped DH to focus on which direction his career should take.  Coco, you helped us more than anyone we know, not even our own family helped, but you did and we will always appreciate that!  God bless you and your family!

In the mean time things have been slowing down with my business.  The poor South African Rand has increased my expenses and it seems a decrease in consumer spending has led to my sales dropping.  So I’ve decided to get more products that are not only targeted for the cloth diaper market, but to get products that other mommies who do not want to buy cloth diapers would also like to buy.  So I’m going to do some shameless advertising on my blog and tell you about these new products.

The first new product that I have is a swim nappy that can be re-used and it fits little one’s from 8-20kgs and comes in 7 gorgeous colours.  They are currently on special for R90.00 each, and there is also a competition on the Facebook Page where one fan can win 2 swim nappies.  Look for the competition post if you are interested to win some, and enter!

Swim Nappies

Swim Nappies

The second new product is an Extra Large Hooded Baby Towel which is 1m x 1m big and will fit little one’s until after they are 2.  Baby G has one and it covers him completely and will for quite some time to come!  The towelling material is a much better quality than you get in the shops, it is a lot thicker, and usually the towels in the shops are 75cm x 75cm, occasionally one can find some for 90cm x 90cm.  I know Baby G outgrew his by about 6 months old.  There are also 3 facecloths with the towel and they sell for R199.00, by the way this is also on special at the moment.

Towels Stone Teddy Bear

Then we also have some Tag Doedoe’s in fun Heart shapes and Star shapes.  These are often also called taggies or taglets, and are a big help to comfort or soothe a baby and it helps them to sleep better.

Tag Doedoe's

Tag Doedoe’s

And then lastly there are a variety of Headbands and hairclips, all handmade and unique.  Some are not only for babies, but mommy might also look cute in them!


And then these are not new products but if anyone is thinking of potty training we have Bamboo Pull Up Nappies and Potty Training Pants.  The potty training pants are underwear with some extra protection on the inside and the bamboo pull up nappies look like underwear, but gives as much protection against accidents as a nappy does.

Bamboo Pull Up Nappy

Bamboo Pull Up Nappy

Potty Training Pants

Potty Training Pants

Then there is also a gift registry function on the website, a Wishlist it button at every product, that is a giftery.me gift registry, that you can share with friends and family by posting it to Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, or you can just send out the link.  An ideal option for any pregnant ladies that might want some of the products as baby shower gifts!


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